Amber Butchart presents a Stitch in Time on BBC4

Very exciting news here at Rush HQ. The wonderful Amber Butchart will be presenting her very own BBC4 series; a Stitch in Time. The first of six episodes will air on Wednesday 3rd January at 8.30pm on BBC4. The Radio Times have described her as mesmerising and they are surprisingly accurate. Amber's wealth of knowledge on fashion history and her passion for the subject shine through in this six-part series that explores the links between fashion, culture and society through six iconic paintings. There’ll be recreations of the historical outfits featured in the paintings which Amber herself will then model. A Stitch in Time promises to be a refreshing take on fashion history, bringing the subject to life on the small screen like never before. Pick up the Radio Times Christmas special to see the listing and don’t forget to tune in on January 3rd 2018!