Amber Butchart’s Nautical Chic

In just five days, Amber Butchart’s second book ‘Nautical Chic’ will hit the shelves. In this much-awaited pictorial book, Amber explores Nautical style, one of our most enduring trends, over the extensive period of two decades. It is packed full of incredible archive pictures as well as more modern catwalk shots, demonstrating the power and permanence of nautical style. Split into five chapters, Nautical Chic looks at a variety of different maritime professions: The Officer, The Sailor, The Fisherman, The Sportsman and The Pirate. She tells the stories of classic items such as the duffle coat, the blazer and the Breton stripe. Amber gave a fascinating sell-out talk on the book’s subject at the Design Museum where audience members were the first to be offered the opportunity to buy the book before it’s release date. The book has received fantastic reviews and accolades from Dawn O’Porter in Glamour Magazine, The Daily Mail, The Guardian, Sailing Today and Grazia Magazine. The imagery as you can imagine is stunning and it would look fabulous on any coffee table or bookshelf. You can pre-order your copy from Amazon here.