Nick Nelson

Nick Nelson

Nick-NelsonNick is the Director of Arcadia Education; the educative organisation aimed at disseminating Art Historical content to a wide-reaching audience.

Nick delivers world-class speeches, engaging audiences with fascinating insight into the interlinking subjects of art, history and music and how the three intertwine. He covers topics such as synesthesia, (the neurological phenomenon in which stimulation of one sensory or cognitive pathway leads to automatic, involuntary experiences in a second), links between art and literature and classic art history exploration.

The son of a professional composer and having attended choir school at Magdalen College Oxford, Nick has a strong background in music and is keen to explore co-curricular links between Art and Music. He is currently writing an MA Thesis on ‘Harmony & Discord: Kandinsky & Music:’ An Exploration into the Synaesthetic in Wassily Kandinsky and his Contemporaries: ‘Painting Sound’ in early Twentieth Century European Abstraction.

Head of History of Art at Cheltenham College, Nick teaches Art, History of Art, Architecture, Classical Civilisation, Theology, Philosophy & Ethics. He lectures at Marlborough College Summer School and is a subject course tutor, running History of Art courses for adults. Nick is a Housemaster and former Resident Tutor of 11 years, during which time he has shared his wealth of interests, from ornithology and music, to literature and sport.

Nick lectures for NADFAS and tutors at Mander Portman & Woodward in London, in addition to lecturing in a number of counties annually. He is also an AQA Examiner of A Level History of Art & founder of Arcadia Education for Art History.

With a growing interest in media work, Nick has worked with various production companies developing Art Historical content for broadcast.