Max Chater is a mixologist and drinks expert appearing regularly across all media, including programmes such as Channel 4’s Sunday Brunch and Jamie Oliver’s Craft Beer channel.

The creator and distiller of Victory Gin and pioneer of the highly successful Bump Caves Gin masterclasses, Max was The Draft House’s brand development manager for several years, establishing Sunday Sessions a monthly food and beer dining event, where modern dishes were created to compliment particular craft beers.

As well as introducing Draft House to the world of spirits he installed a high-tech rotary evaporator on site, enabling the distillation of innovative flavours, thereby creating a unique cocktail experience for guests.

Max has featured in a variety of press publications including Drafted, Metro, Evening Standard, Waitrose, FHM and many more. He has also produced and presented online drinks videos for the likes of FHM and Jamie Oliver’s Craft Beer Channel. He regularly appears on Channel 4’s Sunday Brunch, offering his expertise on a range of spirits and cocktails.

Max began his career as a barman in a cocktail bar in Leeds. Since then he has opened and managed several bars in Manchester, Newcastle, Nottingham and London as well as hosting numerous press events and brewery tours. Working with Fluid Movement and The Worship Street Whistling Shop, he has honed his skills acquiring an in-depth knowledge of distillation and all related processes.

Max has a passion for Italy and in particular the Italian drinking culture. He has lived in Rome and regularly visits the country for inspiration.