BAFTA nominee 2014, Royal Television Society Winner 2014, Association for International Broadcasting Winner 2014.

Tazeen Ahmad is a Bafta-nominated TV reporter, presenter and writer. She has worked across all the major broadcasters for over 20 years including ITN, NBC, BBC and Channel 4. An award-winning investigative reporter, a former foreign-correspondent and a regular contributor to national newspapers, she is also the author of ‘The Check-out Girl’, published by Harper Collins which details her working undercover in a supermarket during the height of the recession. She regularly sits on a number of prestigious international and domestic prestigious juries including BAFTA, Royal Television Society, Rory Peck Awards and One World Media.

Tazeen has reported from dangerous parts of the world, presented live television and radio, worked undercover, on big breaking stories and gained important exclusives. She also regularly hosts and gives talks at large events and conferences. 

She brings this unique experience to her emotional intelligence consultancy ‘EQ Matters’ and provides coaching and workshops for individuals, teams and managers especially those who work in pressurised, driven or creative environments, and where high performance is a constant expectation. She helps leaders and executives chart new directions, strategise intelligently, fulfil potential, manage stress, perform at optimal level in teams and alone, be more creative and confident. 

Tazeen is also a Coach and Faculty member at ‘The School of Life’ where she runs some of her workshops to help attendees be more successful professionally and personally. 

Her life-long study and extensive research in the world of Emotional Intelligence and psychology make her workshops particularly unique. Her most popular business workshops are in leadership, introvert-extrovert teamwork, successful networking, overcoming imposter syndrome and holding better brainstorming and meetings. 

She is also the Patron of ‘Mosac’ and ‘Woman’s Trust’ and is the co-founder of ‘The Story Project’, an education project that uses writing to improve literacy and emotional intelligence amongst school-age children.